Exchange and Return Policy

Here you will learn how to carry out the process of exchanges or returns of products from Kopp.


The exchanges of the kopp products will be carried out only with a prior negotiation and presentation of the fiscal note. They will be oils exchanged for products of the same group, species, type and/or value. The products to be exchanged must be in a perfect state of conservation, exactly as supplied, and within the validity period. If the product has some variation, the exchange will not be made.

Shipment of two product(s)

The exchange will be documented through the Exchange Form, which is pre-filled by the seller, and the products must be sent to the company in adequate packaging and transport to guarantee their integrity. Kopp is not responsible for the shipment (freight) of the exchange of the products. , this being a responsibility of the client.

Shipping and receipt time of the product(s)

The exchanges may be carried out within a period of 30 days in the case of implants, and 7 days in the case of components and instruments. The period is counted from the date that appears in the Fiscal Note of purchase. From the physical receipt of two products by the company, or the maximum period for the same reshipment is seven working days, depending on the availability of two products not in stock and/or negotiation .


No returns will be accepted for products purchased under special or promotional conditions. This case exists with the possibility of exchange (by consultation).

Shipment of two product(s)

The products to be returned must be in perfect condition, exactly as they were sent. Any variations will not be accepts. The shipment (fret) of the return of two products is the responsibility of the client.

Shipping and receipt time of the product(s)

The maximum delivery time is 7 working days, within the product validity period. The return will only be made after pre-arrangement of the Return Policy by the seller.