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Pioneer in Cone Morse in Brazil

Pioneer in Cone Morse in Brazil

Implants Kopp was the first Brazilian company to manufacture the best implant system available recently around the world.

Innovating with Dr. Gino Kopp

Innovating with Dr. Gino Kopp

Since 2003, Dr. Gino Kopp has been innovating and developing instrumentals, creating techniques and making the implant dentistry area increasingly qualified.
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Speed Surface

Speed Surface

Since 2018, all of the dental implants are treated with the Speed Surface to improve a better result in surgical performance. Developed by Kopp, it turned out to be one of the best treatment solutions for optimizing bone integration.

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Experts Reviews

Experts Reviews

I would like to congratulate Dr. Gino Kopp and his entire technical team for the innovation and development of the Smart Guided Kit. Dr. Gino thought through all the details and created a system that literally simplifies, facilitates our guided surgeries. With the Smart Guided Kit we no longer have that difficulty in installing posterior implants in patients with limited mouth opening. This it is a great advantage over other systems. It is simply fantastic and with the proper training we have greatly reduced our surgical time and offer the best for our patients.

Dra. Crismery Klug
Experts Reviews

Experts Reviews

The Kopp System pleases me for being intuitive and practical in its use. It presents a diversity in the extent to the prosthetic resolutions, fast attendance in the daily demands of the office and reliability for the good results obtained.

Dr. Américo Leonidas Malaguini Junior
Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews

I have been very satisfied by working with Kopp implants. I have been successful with my office cases. It gives me security for immediate loading treatments, where I get excellent primary stability. The company is great to work with, professionals who serve us the best and always ready to serve us.

Dra. Letícia Ortega
Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews

I want to thank all the cooperative partners of the Kopp team for the excellent work and especially the attention to us. I had the opportunity to perform surgical procedures with Cone Morse Screw Platinum implants, wonderful locking in 40 N torque and the system has double spirals that give more agility to the recipient site. The Switch platform guarantees perfect bone-integration. Besides having a fair price.

Dr. Thyago Ancoski


Contribuímos muito com o meio acadêmico e também para pesquisa e desenvolvimento de implantes dentários e ortodônticos e todas suas vertentes.

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