About Us

Kopp is a 100% national company that has grown and launched new and modern products, always valuing the use of new technologies with the focus on simplifying processes.

For 19 years innovating.

Kopp was founded in 2003 by Dr. Gino Kopp, aiming to develop innovative products in the dental field.

In the same year, Kopp became a pioneer in Cone Morse in Brazil, being the first company to introduce this technology to the country.

In 2005, Kopp consolidates itself in the market as an example of implant dentistry innovation by launching the Frictional Dental Implant System. It has become known to be safer and more practical than traditional systems.

Although, before that, Kopp developed the Bone Grinder which, considered to be one of the unique quality products produced by the company, proved to be a practical and effective tool as well.

In 2017, Kopp launched another important innovation: Cone Morse Screw, an implant designed to correspond to all-bone surgical cases.

Innovation and simplifications of processes are the main value os the company. Kopp always aims the quality of its products and the investment in research and technology.

About Us


Our mission is to develop products that benefit dentists, prosthetics and patients, aiming at simplifying processes.


Our vision is to globally offer the most innovative to all dental and prosthetic surgeons, always supported by our research and development processes for the constant improvement of the quality of our products and services.



Kopp believes that integrated and transparent communication, with employees and customers, is essential for the creation of new ideas. That is why these values are fundamental in our conduct for the development of high quality products and technology, which benefit health and social well-being.


Our products are designed to improve lives, manufactured with quality and stored with the utmost care!

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Certified by Anvisa

Certified by Anvisa

Kopp has been certified with the recognition of Good Manufacturing Practice, which means our products are quality and effective, ensuring that you are getting an ideal product to use in your dental office.

The Factory

The Factory

Our factory is equipped with the latest generation of appliances. The company utilizes CNC machines, a modern German technology, where our implants, components, and instruments are machined to the required precision.

Biosecurity is extremelly important in our process when pre-packaging of our products, having a clean, properly certified and controlled room where the air is constantly renewed. To ensure the sterilization of our products, Kopp Implants use three-dimensional measuring equipment.

The Speed Surface treatment at the finalization stage of the sterilization process enables better performance. The American certified titanium, being the best quality in the world, ensures the proper biosafety to the health for the patients.

Kopp Quality Process

Kopp Quality Process

Once manufactured, our implants, components, and instruments undergo two important quality procedures: sterilization and prepacking. In these processes, all requirements required by health care product standards are met, thus ensuring the quality of Kopp products.

In addition, our implant line is controlled by a modern ERP system where all batches and product traceability can be shared across all sectors of the company.