Warranty Policies

Check out the policies for guaranteeing the non-osseointegration of the implant.


Kopp recommends that the dentist and patient adhere to the following guidelines to avoid loss of osseointegration.

It is the responsibility of the dentist

  • The correct surgical installation of the implant in the patient, following the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Document the entire clinical case with initial CT scans, post-installation CT scans and panoramic radiography of the installed prosthesis;
  • Initial photos, post implant installation photos;
  • Present a correct planning of the treatment and its care and possible failures;
  • Guide the patient in pre- and post-surgical implant care;
  • Conduct periodic consultations to monitor the maintenance and prevention of the implant.

It is the patient’s responsibility

  • Follow your dentist’s pre- and post-operative guidelines.
  • Avoid bad habits like smoking, not ingesting drugs and alcoholic beverages;
  • Perform excellent oral hygiene;
  • Inform any sign or symptom;
  • Do not use the prosthesis compressing the implanted site;
  • Perform initial and final tomographic radiographic examinations;
  • Attend all periodic appointments scheduled for implant follow-up.

Warranty Conditions

The replacement of the implant that did not osseo-integrate will be carried out after the analysis and report of all documents and complementary exams have been sent to Kopp. Lost implants will only be replaced in the osseointegration phase (4 months).

This warranty does not cover:

  • Kopp products that have been modified by the dentist or third parties;
  • Kopp products that have not been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use;
  • Kopp products that were used on patients who have any of the contraindications described in the instructions for use before, during or after implant installation;
  • The lack of oral and regular hygiene by the patient;
  • Kopp products that were incorrectly installed during surgery or prosthesis.

Documents for shipping products

Kopp warranty plays the role of helping to verify the problem occurred. For this reason, we request the following documents:

  • Initial tomography and after implant installation, panoramic radiography after prosthesis installation and radiography of the loss of osseointegration;
  • Photos before and after implant installation, photo of the prosthesis with several views;
  • Copy of the patient’s clinical record containing the dates of the implant and prosthesis procedures;
  • Patient health examinations;
  • Traceability label of the implant and components used during treatment;Email the documentation.

We want to reaffirm that it will only be possible to study the problem if the professional sends all the documents requested above so that we can verify the possible cause of the loss of osseointegration.