Privacy Policy

Kopp's privacy policies concern the information provided and collected from our customers, as well as its general provisions.

Information Privacy


Kopp understands that all of our customers’ information is confidential, and will be used to improve our relationship. Therefore, Kopp undertakes not to commercialize, disclose or exchange information provided by our customers without their authorization, either by court order or by law.

Our employees understand the confidentiality of the information provided by our customers, so they will not share it, disclose it or exchange it. If they violate these privacy policies, the appropriate measures will be applied in compliance with the organization’s internal rules.

Use of information


At Kopp Implantes, all the information provided by our customers will be used to carry out transactions such as the purchase of a product, the download of our Product Catalog, the receipt of updates regarding the company through e-mail or even to contact us. contact us through the website.


Access to information

All information provided by our consumers is useful to facilitate and make the visit to our website as pleasant as possible. Because of this, they will always be available to carry out future updates.