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Key Features

This kit allows you to expand and compact the bone, to improve local quality and provide implant placement in atrophic jaws.

Expander 2.0

Broca - Expander 2.0

Expander 2.5

Broca - Expander 2.5

Expander 3.0

Broca - Expander 3.0

Expander 3.3

Broca - Expander 3.3

Expander 3.7

Broca - Expander 3.7




All instruments in this kit can be sterilized and reused. Its stainless steel construction ensures this as it has a greater ease of cleaning.

Organizer Case

Organizer Case

The case not only accommodates all instruments, but also organizes them, giving you an easier way to prepare for your surgeries in a more organized way!



The instrumentals of this kit are made of stainless steel.

This material provides high durability and service life as well as being stronger than the others.

This ensures you are getting a great value for money product!

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