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Main Feature

It consists of instruments that are used to fix bone blocks and membranes during bone reconstruction surgeries.

Drill 1.3 mm Short

Broca - Drill 1.3 mm Short

Drill 1.3 mm Long

Broca - Drill 1.3 mm Long

Drill 1.7 mm Short

Broca - Drill 1.7 mm Short

Drill 1.7 mm Long

Broca - Drill 1.7 mm Long

Philips Short Connection

Broca - Philips Short Connection

Philips Long Connection

Broca - Philips Long Connection

Philips Manual Wrench

Broca - Philips Manual Wrench




Todos os instrumentais deste Kit podem ser esterilizados e utilizados novamente. A sua fabricação em aço inox garante isso já que ele possui uma facilidade maior de limpeza.

Organizer Case

Organizer Case

The case not only accommodates all instruments, but also organizes them, giving you an easier way to prepare for your surgeries in a more organized way!



The instrumentals of this kit are made of stainless steel.

This material provides high durability and service life as well as being stronger than the others.

This ensures you are getting a great value for money product!

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