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Main features

This kit allows you to compact the bone vertically, assisting in the preparation of the surgical socket by elevating the bone in the place to be installed the Integrable Dental Implant.

Elevator 2.5

Broca - Elevator 2.5

Elevator 3.0

Broca - Elevator 3.0

Elevator 3.3

Broca - Elevator 3.3

Elevator 4.3

Broca - Elevator 4.3




All instruments in this Kit can be sterilized and reused. Its stainless steel fabrication guarantees this as it is easier to clean.

Organizer case

Organizer case

The case, in addition to accommodating all the instruments, also organizes them, providing you with an easier way to prepare for your surgeries in a more organized way!



The Instruments of this Kit have stainless steel as raw material.

This material provides high durability and useful life in addition to being more resistant than others.

This ensures that you are getting a product with a great cost benefit!

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