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Key Features

A kit designed to assist the practitioner in handling prosthetic components during implant installation surgeries.

Ratchet Torque Wrench

Broca - Ratchet Torque Wrench

Digital Key for Connection (CDC)

Broca - Digital Key for Connection (CDC)

Transfer Key (CT)

Broca - Transfer Key (CT)

Implant Cover Remover (RT)

Broca - Implant Cover Remover (RT)

Connection 0.9 mm

Broca - Connection 0.9 mm

Connection 1.2 mm

Broca - Connection 1.2 mm

Connection 1.6 mm

Broca - Connection 1.6 mm

Mini-Tuff Connection

Broca - Mini-Tuff Connection

Digital 0.9 Short Key

Broca - Digital 0.9 Short Key

Digital 0.9 Long Key

Broca - Digital 0.9 Long Key

Digital 1.2 Short Key

Broca - Digital 1.2 Short Key

Digital 1.2 long key

Broca - Digital 1.2 long key


Organizer Case

Organizer Case

The case not only accommodates all instruments but also organizes them, giving you more convenience.



All instruments in this kit can be sterilized and reused. Its stainless steel construction ensures this as it has a greater ease of cleaning.

Price that fits in your pocket!

Price that fits in your pocket!

The Kopp Prosthetic Kit has instruments made of stainless steel and the polymer case. So you get a product that is the only one on the market that has a quality that fits in your pocket!

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