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Parent Amenity

This Kit helps to select transmucosal height and angulation of prosthetic components, with instruments that have a long service life and durability.

CM Straight Selection Pin

Broca - CM Straight Selection Pin

CM 17 ° Selection Pin

Broca - CM 17 ° Selection Pin

CM 30 ° Selection Pin

Broca - CM 30 ° Selection Pin

Straight HEXA Selection Pin

Broca - Straight HEXA Selection Pin

HEXA 17 ° Selection Pin

Broca - HEXA 17 ° Selection Pin

HEXA 30 ° Selection Pin

Broca - HEXA 30 ° Selection Pin


Raw Material

Raw Material

The instruments of this kit are made of stainless steel that provides more resistance and effectiveness.

Organizer Case

Organizer Case

The case not only accommodates all instruments but also organizes them, giving you more convenience.

Best of the Market For You

Best of the Market For You

This kit is designed especially for professionals working with the following implant systems: 

  •           External Hexagon
  •           Internal Hexagon (HIN)
  •           Morse Cone Screw
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