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Main features

  • 04 offsets 07, 09, 11 and 13 mm for different clinical situations;
  • Floating stopdrill in different offsets and drill lengths;
  • Short drills for small mouth opening spaces;
  • Pilot to eliminate interference in an inclined bone plane;
  • The universal kit installs different implant systems;
  • Assemblers are floating in offsets 07, 09, 11 and 13 mm;
  • Long assembler without stop and floating in the ratchet wrench;
  • Short assembler for small spaces;
  • Open washer 4.0, for use in smaller mouth opening;
  • 3.0 mm slim washer for reduced space of the lower and upper lateral incisors;
  • Drill extender (extender) to be used in case of interference from the contra angle head;
  • Less amount of drills;
  • Color coding on drills and stopdrills.
  • Safety
  • We eliminate the gap and lever arm caused by the Drill Guides;
  • Pilot to eliminate deviations from inclined bone planes.

Planning in differents Offsets

The planning of the position of the washer in the Surgical Guide can be performed at different heights of Offsets. The washer can be positioned in Offset 07 mm, Offset 09 mm, Offset 11 mm and Offset 13 mm. Such variations of Offsets are determined during planning according to the thickness of the mucosa.

  • Offset is the distance between the Implant platform and the upper margin of the washer;
  • Offset is a drill compensation in guided surgery;
  • It is the zero point that begins to count the length of the implant.


Drill Sequence and Measures

The Drills have lengths of 07, 09, 11 and 13 mm and Pilots are Drills used to start drilling and regularize the irregular bone crest.

Drill Ø2.8x7

Broca - Drill Ø2.8x7

Drill Ø3.0x7

Broca - Drill Ø3.0x7

Drill Ø3.3x7

Broca - Drill Ø3.3x7

Drill Ø2.8x9

Broca - Drill Ø2.8x9

Drill Ø3.0x9

Broca - Drill Ø3.0x9

Drill Ø3.3x9

Broca - Drill Ø3.3x9

Drill Ø2.8x11

Broca - Drill Ø2.8x11

Drill Ø3.0x11

Broca - Drill Ø3.0x11

Drill Ø3.3x11

Broca - Drill Ø3.3x11

Drill Ø2.8x13

Broca - Drill Ø2.8x13

Drill Ø3.0x13

Broca - Drill Ø3.0x13

Drill Ø3.3x13

Broca - Drill Ø3.3x13

Drill Ø2.8x13

Broca - Drill Ø2.8x13

Drill Ø3.0x13

Broca - Drill Ø3.0x13

Drill Ø3.3x13

Broca - Drill  Ø3.3x13

Drill Ø2.6x13

Broca - Drill Ø2.6x13

Pilot Drill Ø3.0

Broca - Pilot Drill Ø3.0

Pilot Drill Ø4.0

Broca - Pilot Drill Ø4.0


The washer is made of titanium, which inserted in the Surgical Guide, directs both the milling and the installation of the implant. The Stopdrill has the function of adjusting the length of the Drill, according to the length of the Offset or the planned implant.

Slim Washer Ø3.0 mm

Broca - Slim Washer Ø3.0 mm

Regular Ø4.0 mm

Broca -  Regular Ø4.0 mm

Open washer Ø4.0 mm

Broca -  Open washer Ø4.0 mm

Extended Washer

Broca - Extended Washer

Stopdrill 2.0

Broca - Stopdrill 2.0

Stopdrill 4.0

Broca - Stopdrill 4.0

Stopdrill 6.0

Broca - Stopdrill 6.0


Conca CM

Broca - Conca CM

Conca NM

Broca - Conca NM

Conca HIN

Broca - Conca HIN

Monta CM Short

Broca - Monta CM Short

Monta CM Long

Broca - Monta CM Long

Monta NM Short

Broca - Monta NM Short

Monta NM Long

Broca - Monta NM Long

Monta HIN Short

Broca - Monta HIN Short

Monta HIN Long

Broca - Monta HIN Long

Monta CM Slim

Broca - Monta CM Slim

Drill 13mm

Broca - Drill 13mm


Broca - Fixer


Broca - Punch

Drill Extender

Broca - Drill Extender

Torque wrench ratchet

Broca -  Torque wrench ratchet

Digital key 1.2 mm long

Broca -  Digital key 1.2 mm long

Stopdrill Ruler

Broca -  Stopdrill Ruler


 Guided Surgery

Guided Surgery

The implant is installed with a virtual planning using guides.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Kopp created the kit’s kit thinking about bringing more organization at the time of surgery, with a different color scheme for the instruments compatible with our implant systems.

 No cutting, pain or bleeding

No cutting, pain or bleeding

Only with the Smart Guided Kit is it possible to provide to your patient this comfort when installing the implants.

It comes with all the necessary instruments for you perform the best Guided Surgery on your patient.