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Key Features

The Surgical Kit features a compact and modern design for the analog installation of Cone Morse Screw dental implants and External Hexagon HEXA. In addition, the Kit offers all the necessary instruments for the placement of the Tapas Polymer and titanium implants.

Ø 2.0mm Drill

Broca - Ø 2.0mm Drill

Ø 2.8mm Drill

Broca - Ø 2.8mm Drill

Ø 3.0mm Drill

Broca - Ø 3.0mm Drill

Ø 3.3mm Drill

Broca - Ø 3.3mm Drill

Ø 3.8mm Drill

Broca - Ø 3.8mm Drill

Ø 4.3mm Drill

Broca - Ø 4.3mm Drill

07mm Stop Drill

Broca - 07mm Stop Drill

08mm Stop Drill

Broca - 08mm Stop Drill

09mm Stop Drill

Broca - 09mm Stop Drill

11mm Stop Drill

Broca - 11mm Stop Drill

13mm Stop Drill

Broca - 13mm Stop Drill

15 mm Stop Drill

Broca - 15 mm Stop Drill

Ratchet Torque Wrench

Broca - Ratchet Torque Wrench

Measuring Probe

Broca - Measuring Probe

Parallel Pin

Broca - Parallel Pin

Digital Short Key 0.9

Broca - Digital Short Key 0.9

Digital Short Key 1.2

Broca - Digital Short Key 1.2

Drill Extender

Broca - Drill Extender

Assembler short CM

Broca - Assembler short CM

Assembler long CM

Broca - Assembler long CM

CM connection

Broca - CM connection

Assembler short HEXA

Broca - Assembler short HEXA

Assembler long HEXA

Broca - Assembler long HEXA

HEXA connection

Broca - HEXA connection

Implant Cover Remover

Broca - Implant Cover Remover


Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Kopp has created the kit for this kit with a view to bringing more organization at the time of surgery, with a different color scheme for the instruments compatible with our implant systems.

All in one!

All in one!

With the Surgical Kit you can work with all Kopp implant systems!

Least Expensive

Least Expensive

The Surgical Kit comes equipped with instruments compatible with all Kopp implant lines.

So you save money and still get quality and durable instruments!

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