Speed surface

Speed Surface processing produces a high degree of purity and sufficient roughness for good osseointegration.


The implant surface is the ideal osseointegration formula. It is scientifically proven that the design and characteristics of the surface influence the process of osseointegration, healing and stability of adjacent tissues.

Kopp Implants are produced in grade IV titanium, a biocompatible, resistant and durable material. Years of study and research led Dr. Gino Kopp together with a renowned team of professional chemists to develop the Speed surface. With it, a result of the best performance of the surface of the implants was achieved, in which the osseointegration in different bone types is optimized.


The surface of Kopp Implants is obtained through a blasting process with microparticles and double acid etching. The process creates differentiation of the surface area with an increase in the three-dimensional (3D) area, allowing the formation of micropores for absorption of proteins, plasma and blood immediately after implant placement.

The microstructural properties of the implant surface, created by the sandblasting and etching process, strongly influence the dynamic wettability of the implant surfaces.

Among the various existing techniques, we produced a surface with a degree of roughness close to 1.5μm for a better response of the bone tissue, as a result of the better clinical response.

Scanning Electron Microscopy images of the SPEED surface.


Implant System

Kopp manufactures implant systems since 2003, being considered the pioneer company in the manufacture of Cone Morse in Brazil. We always seek to bring quality to our implants, thus ensuring the best product for our customers and their patients.